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Royce Hall is the best hall on campus, and you will not regret your decision to join us!

Hall Chair's Welcome


My name is Alex and I am your hall chair for this year. I head up a committee of 18 people whose job is to ensure you get the most out of your Loughborough experience. Royce is situated in the heart of the Student Village which is within 2 minutes walking distance from the local shop, Pilkington Library and Parcelz. It is also within a 5 minute walk from the Students' Union, Powerbase, Holywell Gym and all the other essential places on campus. It is in a perfect location.
Royce offers many opportunities to get involved all year round. Whether you're looking to play a variety of sports, get involved with charity work or volunteering. Just this year alone, our Rugby Team beat the IMS Champions of Durham in the inaugral Varsity day. We also excelled in Football, Basketball, Hockey and Tennis, on top of being the reigning Mixed Badminton Champions, thanks to the hard work of our highly commmended Sports Sec team. Furthermore, our Action reps maintained our position as a well established hall for commitment to voluenteering.
Royce is a very sociable hall with punch parties, block parties and other events being held every week, this is a great way to meet different people in the Royce family. We are a catered hall too, which is a fantastic way to get to know everyone and catch up on with your mates in the dining hall.
We also run two balls each year; the infamous fancy dress Christmas ball and the summer ball, which always live up to the hype! In 2016 The summer ball was a fantastic way to cap off the year.
Each year we host the well renowned Royce 100, which is our own charity event exclusive to Royce. This is a 100 lap race around our hall in memory of our former Rag rep Peter Holmes, everyone can get involved through volunteering or running, with celebrations in the evening. Finally our Hall Day is called St Fred's day. This is where we hire inflatables, have a BBQ and party, wearing our St Freds Day t-shirts, definitely one to look forward to. All of these lead to you having a great first year of your university life , and I guarantee that, if not I'll buy you a drink, as it was certainly one of the best years of mine!
I'm sure after reading this you will pick Royce and I look forward to meeting you all in September.

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I'm sure after reading this you will pick Royce and I look forward to meeting you all in September.

Alex x

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